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Bridgetown Window Cleaning is your dedicated window cleaning company for your home or business in and around Portland.

"They are professional and friendly"

Spencer and his team at Bridgetown Window cleaning are a pleasure to work with. They are professional, friendly and are not shy to go the extra mile to do the right thing...

Kunal N.

Improve your property in more ways than one with our exterior cleaning services.

Your home or business reflects you; dirty windows can tarnish that impression.

Cleaning windows can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and even hazardous. With the risk of damage to your property or even personal injury, it's not an undertaking to be taken lightly.

Window cleaning with a squeegee in Portland, OR.Exterior window cleaning with a squeegee in Beaverton, OR.Water-fed pole window cleaning in Portland, OR.

We are experts in window cleaning at Bridgetown Window Cleaning. Our skilled, professional window cleaners are prepared to handle this task for you, ensuring a professional, safe, and efficient cleaning process. We use the right tools and techniques to improve your residential or commercial property exterior and prolong the lifespan of your windows. Experience the peace of mind of knowing your property's exterior is in good hands.

Eco-conscious Practices

You can feel assured that at Bridgetown Window Cleaning, we care about your environmental footprint as much as you do; that's why we use eco-friendly cleaning methods that deliver excellent results and contribute to protecting our planet.

Estimates in Minutes

At Bridgetown Window Cleaning, we believe getting your windows cleaned should be as simple as checking an item off your to-do list. Whether you fill out our easy-to-use estimate request form or prefer ti give us a call directly, with our straightforward estimate process, we ensure you can do just that - and all within minutes!

Commitment to Safety

As our valued client, your property's safety and integrity are paramount to us. In order to ensure safety for all, our window cleaning professionals utilize a water-fed pole system for hard-to-reach windows with 100% pure water, which leaves your exterior windows looking spotless. This system significantly reduces the need for ladders and minimizes the risk of ladder-related injuries and accidents on your property.

Dedication to Quality

Experience unmatched clarity and brightness in every pane as we prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring the delivery of exceptional quality tailored to your needs. Have your windows cleaned by Bridgetown Window Cleaning today and experience the difference!

Our Window Cleaning Services

Just the Outs

Let's be real: your outside windows need expert cleaning care. Our "Just the Outs" Window Cleaning Service is designed for those who want to enhance their home's curb appeal quickly and safely. We focus exclusively on cleaning the exterior of your windows using state-of-the-art water-fed poles and 100% pure water, which ensures a spotless finish without any chemicals or residues. This method not only delivers a superior clean but also allows us to reach high windows without the frequent use of ladders, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Water-fed pole window cleaning in Portland.Interior window cleaning in a Portland home.Window cleaning using the water-fed pole method.

Our skilled technicians meticulously scrub away layers of dirt, pollen, and grime, then rinse with pure water using professional-grade tools, including squeegees, for a streak-free shine. It's an efficient, effective way to brighten your views and your day, all while maintaining the utmost safety and minimal environmental impact.

Price starting at $250

In and Outs

You say that you can clean the inside yourself, but let's be honest, you don't want to. Just have us get them done right while we are already here.

Our "In & Outs" window cleaning service offers a complete, thorough clean, starting from the inside of your home. We begin by carefully cleaning the interior glass, frames, and sills using eco-friendly solutions and microfiber cloths to ensure every fingerprint and speck of dust is gone, all while protecting your floors and furnishings. Once the inside sparkles, we move to the exterior windows. Here, we employ our water-fed pole system and 100% pure water to efficiently clean the outside glass without the use of harsh chemicals, enhancing clarity and preserving the environment.

Interior window cleaning in progress in a Beaverton home.Exterior window cleaning with a squeegee in Beaverton, OR.Interior window cleaning in progress in Beaverton, OR.

This streamlined process not only maximizes safety by minimizing ladder use but also guarantees a pristine finish both inside and out. Our "In & Outs" service is ideal for those who demand a detailed, comprehensive window cleaning that brightens and refreshes their entire home.

Price starting at $375

In, Out, and All Throughout

Our "In, Out, & All Throughout" window cleaning package is the ultimate solution for those who demand nothing less than perfection for their home's glass surfaces. We start this comprehensive service by cleaning the interior windows, using eco-friendly solutions and microfiber cloths to ensure a meticulous removal of every fingerprint and dust particle while carefully protecting your interiors.

Once the inside is spotless, we proceed to the exterior windows. Employing our advanced water-fed pole system with 100% pure water, we clean the outer glass, enhancing clarity and brightness without the use of chemicals. This method not only achieves a streak-free finish but also promotes safety by reducing ladder use.

In addition to the windows, this package includes a thorough cleaning of all window screens and tracks, removing all dirt, debris, and grime to ensure smooth operation and a complete clean. We also extend our cleaning excellence to any mirrors in your home, leaving them sparkling and streak-free.

Professional water-fed pole window cleaning in Portland, OR.Screen cleaning in progress by Bridgetown Window Cleaning.Mirror cleaning in progress by Bridgetown Window Cleaning in Beaverton, OR.

Choose our "In, Out, & All Throughout" package for an all-encompassing clean that transforms and revitalizes your entire home, providing you with clear views and a pristine environment.

Price starting at $550

Flexible Service Plans for Every Need

Experience the luxury of regular window cleanings without the luxury price tag. Our service plans are designed to bring convenience and affordability to your doorstep. Select from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly cleaning schedules, and enjoy the benefits of frequent cleanings at increasingly discounted rates. With us, luxurious, crystal-clear windows become an affordable and regular delight, not just a special occasion luxury.

Monthly Plan

Enjoy a sparkling view year-round with 40% off on our monthly window cleaning service.

Bi-Monthly Plan

Keep your windows consistently clean and save 30% with our bi-monthly service.

Quarterly Plan

Opt for our quarterly service to maintain your windows' clarity and receive a 20% discount.

Every 6 Months

Choose this plan for regular upkeep and a 10% discount.


 Our annual service ensures a yearly refresh of your windows at our standard rate.

Add-On Services

Customize your service with our add-on services!

Enhance your window cleaning experience with our range of add-on services. Select from options like screen cleaning, track detailing, or even gutter cleaning to tailor the service to your specific needs. It's a great way to experience the full breadth of what Bridgetown Window Cleaning has to offer right from your first visit.

Screen cleaning in progress by Bridgetown Window Cleaning.Autumn leaves inside of gutters.Professional solar panel cleaning in Portland.

Mix and match the services to suit your home's requirements for a truly personalized cleaning session.

Screen Cleaning

Keep your windows cleaner for longer with our Screen Cleaner service! Our process scrubs and rinses your screens to remove dust and debris, and then we apply our Bridgetown Seal & Protect Treatment to prevent sun fading and repel dirt. Then we'll wipe them down, making them look brand new!

Track Cleaning

When was the last time you had your tracks cleaned? Give them some Bridgetown TLC. Window tracks often get overlooked during cleaning, making them the dirtiest. We brush and vacuum out debris, then finish with a microfiber towel.

Hard Water Stain Removal

Discover the transformative power of our hard water stain removal service. Eliminate stubborn mineral deposits from your windows and surfaces. Our specialized techniques dissolve hard water stains, restoring clarity and shine. Trust us for professional stain removal, leaving surfaces sparkling.

Cobweb Dusting

We know how those sneaky cobwebs love to hide in corners and under the eves of your roof where regular cleaning might miss them. That's why we use a handy extendable duster to tackle those high corners and tricky spots. Once we've cleared out those cobwebs, we give everything a gentle wipe down with a microfiber cloth to make sure every last bit is gone, leaving your spaces looking fresh and spotless.


Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters can become clogged with twigs, leaves, and other debris, causing water to back up and potentially damage your property. Our thorough gutter cleaning service includes removing all obstructions by hand and with specialized tools. Next, we flush your gutters and downspouts with water to ensure proper flow and finish by clearing any residual debris, leaving your drainage system functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Roof Moss Treatment

Is some pesky roof moss causing trouble? No worries! We'll take care of it for you. Our treatment starts with a thorough check of your roof. We'll delicately brush off most of the moss with a soft broom, being careful not to harm the shingles. Next, we'll apply an eco-friendly moss killer to make sure we get rid of it from the root. As time goes by, the dead moss will naturally wash away with the wind and rain.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our solar panel cleaning service ensures optimal energy production by removing dust, dirt, and other debris that can hinder the efficiency of your solar panels, enabling you to maximize your energy savings while promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Are you ready to get started?

Our #1 goal is to provide you with an estimate within minutes and book your window cleaning. With our transparent pricing, based on the square footage of your home, you get a fair price upfront. No more counting windows or unexpected costs. Plus, we’ll communicate any adjustments (if necessary) upon an in-person inspection of your home, ensuring no surprises!

Christmas Light Installation

Illuminate your holidays!

As the festive season approaches, decorating your property with Christmas lights can be exciting, but it's often a task accompanied by many challenges. The process can be time-consuming and potentially hazardous, from untangling lights and scaling ladders to ensuring even distribution and safely installing them without causing any damage.

Our team of professionals is equipped with the required tools and expertise to safely and efficiently transform your home or business into a vibrant spectacle of holiday cheer.

Christmas light installation for a Portland home.Christmas light installation using multi-color lights at a Portland home.Bridgetown Window Cleaning team member hanging Christmas lights in Portland.

We handle the design, installation, maintenance, and post-holiday removal, ensuring a hassle-free experience that allows you to fully enjoy the festive season. Trust us to illuminate your holidays with safety, precision, and a touch of magic.

"Bridgetown not only does our window cleaning, but their holiday lighting services at a shopping center I manage are top notch. They are terrific about designing the lighting we want, installation and later take-down and storage. We own the LED lights they purchased for us last year, and they maintain them! This is our 2nd year using this company and we are loving their services. They install well ahead of the holiday season, and take down in the new year. I'm impressed, and that's not easy to do! Thanks Bridgetown!"

Jody A. via Google

Cross window cleaning is off your to-do list today!

Don't wait to enjoy clean windows at an affordable flat rate price. Click here for a hassle-free booking with a few easy clicks from Bridgetown Window Cleaning. Whether a one-time clean or a regular maintenance plan, we're ready to provide the highest quality service. Take the first step to clearer views and a brighter home!